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Music Aid International has been a leading non profit music presence since 1998 working with some of the biggest names in music wordwide. During that time it has provided valuable resources and educational support to thousands of musicians worldwide; has directly provided schooling to poor village children in SE Asia; has managed hundreds of volunteer groups worldwide in partnership with The United Nations UNV and NetAid projects; has distributed free musical instruments with the BBC; helped an supported thousands of people wishing to enter the music industry; launched and organised the Music Aid 2006, 2007 and 2009 International Award events and has promoted and supported many music benefit events (including Al Gore'sLive Earth) and CDs that have helped to fund aid projects on three continents.   

The organization operates as an association of producers, promoters, musicians, business executives, entertainment lawyers, music companies, supporters and others in the global music industry that has been raising awareness of social issues, supporting and promoting music charities and good causes, and providing opportunities for new musical talent since its launch in 1998. 

Music Aid is a unique organisation that has three aims and missions: 1) to provide resources and opportunities to musicians, 2) To provide entertainment, contests and events, and showcase new talent on the new Music Aid TV web channel, 3) To continue to support and promote charities and good causes through its activities. There is no other organisation like it.

Music Aid International was launched in 1998 at a large event in central London, England with the support of many well known friends and supporters from the worlds of music, art and film including Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood, the artist and musician Rolf Harris (who donated their own orignal art works for auction at the event) and Sliding Doors film director and actor Peter Howitt. Many famous names were involved and funds raised from the sale of memorabilia, signed guitars and signed album covers from Paul McCartney, John Lee Hooker, Oasis, Prince, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, Bono and others. This launch event - "The Art of Music Festival" - was sponsored by AOL and Tower Records and it took over an entire floor at the Whitley's Center in central London. It ran for a full week and was attended by over 100,000 people who enjoyed seven days of art exhibits, free live music concerts and dance. This event holds the record for the largest exhibition of music related art ever staged with valuable original art works on display by Andy Warhol, John Lennon, Peter Max and many others. Funds raised at the launch event were used to directly provide schooling for poor village children in SE Asia and to set up and fund The World Music Foundation which operated for six years as a government registered international charity working with the United Nations UNV online volunteer project and Net Aid in the areas of poverty relief and education. More recently MAI has developed and expanded into other areas as outlined elsewhere on this page.

Music Aid has worked with some of the biggest names in music and has been an important non profit presence working with many international bodies, including managing hundreds of volunters for the United Nations UNV Online Volunteer Program and NetAid.org. During the past 14 years it has provided resources and educational opportunities for musicians worldwide, provided schooling and aid for children in developing countries, distributed free musical instruments with the BBC, promoted and supported many music benefit events and CDs, provided free advertising and promotional support for many charities and helped to fund and administer worthwhile projects on three continents.

In 2006, 2007 and 2009 Music Aid ran the successful International Song Contest and Music Awards which provided an international showcase and springboard for new musical talent. Participants from thirty five countries took part in these events and in 2009 alone a prize fund of over $500,000 was made available to help new songwriters and musicians to help them achieve their musical ambitions.  These events helped many people in their musical careers and also provided an opportunity to highlight and promote awareness of many good causes such as Linkin Park's Music For Relief program, The Earth Lab Foundation and the Agape Orphanage for children living with HIV in South Africa. 

Music Aid has worked on many projects with a wide range of partners including  the BBC, AOL, the United Nations UNV Program, Tower Records, the BRIT Trust, Child Aid, The International Song Copyright Organization, Net Aid, The Earth Lab Foundation, The UK Songwriting Contest, Amazon Stores, Diaspora for Africa, Linkin' Park's Music For Relief program and many others. 

In 2014 Music Aid will launch the global music festival and TV event - Music Aid 2014. Support and interest for this project from the international music community, music businesses and charities has been outstanding and promoters, producers and broadcasters are welcome to contact us to get involved and partner with us in this unique event. Join Music Aid at Facebook to receive the latest details.

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