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Statistics:  Finalists =  approx 7% of entries. 4,000 entries in total. 

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Can't Help Lovin' You



Colour Of My Love

Close My Eyes

I'll Get Over You

Henrik Nielson

Jo Greenwood

Jannica Smith


Listed under the name of the contestant only - co writers are not included. 
Aitken G Bundle Of Truth
Allcorn M Scream
Bazil E Fall Again
Blue M Tonight
Bradshaw D Love You More...
Checkley A Come To University
Clarke B Will There Be A Day
Cramer N Bring Back My Heart
Crawford F Better Off This Way
Darnell L Break The Chain
Durrant M Just The Weather
Farr R Don't Run
Flanagan B Could Life Be Any Better Than This
Gale M Holding Me Back
Galeazzi S Tell Me Why
Geel J If You Ever Need To Dance
Glynn B Stop
Green C Life Without Love
Gregg I For Life
Gregg I Sweet Things
Henty R Be So Easy (2 Fall 4 U)
Hollands M The DJ Turns Me On
Hill S Some Kind Of Wonderful
Illidge J Scream
Keo A Heaven Knows
McCloskey A Suitcase Kid
McIntosh E Let Me Love You
Nielson H Don't Mess With Me
Nielson H Frozen Now
Minney S Forever
Morrison D Home
Mudd A Wasted So Much Time
North P Its So Right
Onuh S Colours Of The Rainbow
Oxley B What I've Got To Do
Portsmouth B First Love
Pulin R Here I Am Again
Revnell S Peaceful
Salisbury K Burning
Seabrook D Back To Life
Shannon H Don't Give A Damn
Shaw J The President Knows
Soudah J Drive Me Crazy
Sutton P Life's A Movie
Tansey L You Lifted Me Up
Townsend C Ready To Fall
Wilson S Open Your Eyes
Wood D Can't Help Loving
Yang L Love Me If You Can
Yang L So High
Younee Destiny
Younee Hurting




Let It All Out

 Alan  Schaefer



Jamaica Higher And Higher Jennifer Jones
Ali De Siati James Anderson Nev Hawkins

Listed under the name of the contestant only - co writers are not included.
Alan B Sorry Side Of Somewhere
Axiotis M I Still Believe
Blowers W Running Blind
Boswell N One In A Million
Bullock P I Feel Love
Ekerot D Nomandie
Evenson C Burning Up Inside
Flatt D Trigger Happy
Garvin J With The Eyes Of a Child
Greenwood J I Still Feel Like I Do
Henley M Whales
Higham D I'm Coming Home
Hoffman M Paranoid
Hollands M Almost Had It All
Homewood L Twisted Love Song
Hutcheson R Freestyle
Hutcheson R Stomper
Kelly V Lonely Sometimes
Knight M You And I
Knight M Tear Down These Walls
Lee S The Old Man's Stories
MacLeod M Breathtaking Fight
Richie M Love Untold
McCreery T I Really Don't Want To Know
Moss A Love Crime
Murray N Dance In The Sun
Parkes H Skru U
Sarakula J The First Time
Shaw J Out Of Love
Shaw J And So
Shaw J Is
Statland H Last Vacation Day
William D Come And Go
Yang L Bar Song




Second Fiddle




Cold Savannah Smiles Only Just
Paul Rogers Jodi Shaw Mark Knight

Listed under the name of the contestant only - co writers are not included.
Allan P What Can I Say
Balch G To A Falling Of Snow
Barrett R Gentleman Soldier
Cain C The Old Cowboy
Conan M Too Soon
Cully J Talent
Daltrey E This Golden Song
Desjardins S Guilty Pleasures
Dinham S I'll Get By
Dorrant M Just The Weather
Farley J Lost In Paris
Gammage R Heaven's Not So Far Away
Green C Don't Rely On A Man
Green C Life Without Love
Keen J The Dawn
King L Can't Keep A Good Man Down
Knight M A Trick Of The Light
Knight M Tear Down These Walls
Lankester C One Too Many
McCarthy C River Stone
Monahan T Believe Me
North P It's So Right
North P Another Way To Waste My Time
LePage C Never Let You Down
Pamphlett N Insecure Woman
Gallagher K I'll Hold You
Plunkett A It Was You
Polwart K Only One Way
Potwart K Daisy
Shaw J I Want To
Silvester A Out
Starr K Old Lady So Gentle
Watkins S Love Song No 9
Watt L Look In Your Eyes
West J Maureen
Williams S Too Much Too Late
Wilson J Till My Dying Day

R & B  /  HIP-HOP  /  RAP



Sound Of Love




Get Free Your Company Who Knows?
Tyrone Houston Delroy Angus Neita David Watson

Listed under the name of the contestant only - co writers are not included.
Arch S Goodbye
Bagot L The Other Woman
Balic R Don't Want To Hate You
Best  J The Only One
Bury K Memory is Dangerous
Chand V Don't Wait
Corrigan J Always You
Craig A I'll Never Give Up
Dairo P Angel Of My Life
Farr R Fight Back
Hamersma R Before The Lovin' Starts
Kerek A Come Sundown
ManiM Iran's Finest
McLeod K The Way
Ugone J So Long
Shuib F Someone's Story
Smith M Dirty Tonight
Vaughan I I Don't Wanna Fight (No More)




Love And Understanding




Love Is Guaranteed Karn't Feel My Heart Beat Turn Me On

Dee' Vyn

Benoit Rivaux

Andrew Checkley

Listed under the name of the contestant only - co writers are not included.
Neita D.A. Your Company
Bull G Dance The Grooves (With Me)
Checkley A Come To University
Curzon G Space Instrument
Engel R The Passion Show
Henty R You're Taking Me High
Horlock R Murder On The Orient Express
Matthews S Love You (In A Special Way)
Vande L Promises
Watson T Raining Down




Is It Love

Gail Marten & Clem Ehoff



Hands On The Fender Song Never Commit
Trevor Heyliger MacDonald/Porell/White Younee

Listed under the name of the contestant only - co writers are not included.
Bell R Nothing Going On
Bright A Happy We're 2
Bull G Don't Look Down
Carter J Still Got Something To Lose
Dent G Suddenly
Guillaume K If I Had Wings
Horlock R There Is no Reason
Herman M Day And Night
Howard P Voodoo Samba
Hutchinson E Nature Takes Me In Her Arms
Kennedy V Sick Of Being On My Own
Long S There's Something About You
Marten G Big Girl Blues
Latendresse  S If Only
Lee S Window To An Explanation
Lefevre F Keepin' Away From The Blues
Lottmann L She Do (What She Want)
McLean K Like An Angel
Rubenstein H Don't You Have Any Shame
Sarik P In The Street
Seabrook D Days Gone By
Thompson-McNevin D The Weeping Willow And I
Walker G One Moment, One Summer
Ward M Just To Be With You
Younee Left Behind




Got Me Flyin'



Lord We Need You Peace And Understanding One Bright Star
Sonia Dixon Louis Sanders Robert Legg

Listed under the name of the contestant only - co writers are not included.
Alan M Fragmented Dreams
Bradshaw G Faith
Cazeaux R You Called My Name
Chambers C Breath Of Heaven
Corrigan J God's Colour Blind
Crawley H Love Is Kind
Crawley H The Communion Song
Cyrani M The More I Love You
Davies S Let There Be Light
Dixon S Baby You Lied To Me
Evans V The Worlds First Christmas Day
James S Help us Believe
Jones V God's Echo
Kalpee K Lord I Cry For You
Kalpee K Look Into My Heart
Lazenby C For You And Me
Lewis P Eyes Of God
Pollard R Make Poverty History
Read M Lord I Love You
Shuib F The End
Simpson P Hey Brother, Hey Sister
Smith C Happy Birthday Jesus
Ward C The Great I Am
Wilkins K Christmas Day




Yo Marina Banana

Jacques De Munck



Piccola Celeste We All Laugh In The Same Language
Girl In The Mirror
Michael Ward Marla Lewis Angela Steel (Age 8)

Listed under the name of the contestant only - co writers are not included.
Alan J Something Wonderful
Byron B The Texas Campfire Song
Byron B Yellow Bicycle
Campion E The Life And Times…
Castano A La Mentira
Cazeaux R Angels Are Singing
Chambers C The Love I have For You
Cool A A Little Candle
Cully J I Wanna Go Home
Curel J Irresistible (narcissist)
Davies R Turn Around
De Munck J Creative Cosmos
Dent G On The London Underground
Edge J Candy Carousel


Fellows K The Girl On Page 3
James S A World Of My Own
Kaviani S If Only
Kelly V What Kinda Love
McLean K The Old Red Spittoon
North P Killing Me Inside
Pikoui N I Don't Care
Smith P All My Love
Smith C Sooner Or Later
Stone M My Christmas Card To You
Valkova G Ima-nema
Walsh N Danger In The Dark
Walsh N Girl In Love
Ward M In Omnibus Rebus









Lil's Rag Angels And Demons Serenade No. 3
Pete Quin Robin Scott Shao Ying Low

Listed under the name of the contestant only - co writers are not included.
Brooke-Morgan I Song For Pallas Athene
Choi J Reminiscence
Cocker L Oracle
Dale R Ballad
Dickman M 1001 Tales
Diggins A Fantasia
Essex J Odyssey
Essex J Realisation
Hunter S Inquisition
Jones D Sojourner
Joseph M Kaliyug
Kormaksson I Inott (Tonight)
Lazenby C Shanghai Sunset
Low S.S. Souvenirs de Paris
Low S.S. Morning Blues
Low S.Y. Valse de Printemps
Mac T Song For Jack
Merrit G Fade To White
Moore A Crazy Melba
Orlov Y Summer
Pearson P Meadow Flower
Pearson P Summer Song
Pinch M No Wonder
Sanso-Ali A Sandra's Theme
Snell K The Birth Of Spring
Stonehill L St Pirran's Porth
Sturt K Midnight Anthem
U'Ren S Chemisty
Williams K Romantic Miniature
Wim H For You Anything
Zombori B Super Strings




Because Of You




Bittersweet Shine On Me Maybe Tomorrow

Geoffrey Todd

David Gallagher Sonia Marsh

Listed under the name of the contestant only - co writers are not included.
Ambrose J Half A Chance
Booth F Winds Of Change
Brearey J Did I Ever Hurt You
Carr J Katy Brown
Cornelissen D Thoughts Of You
Dean S Just Dance
Dent G I Love Loving You
Dutton I Twelve And Twenty Summers
Fallows S At The Bus Stop
Fazakerley K One Of A Kind
Eiffert F Tears Inside
Hodge P Diamonds In The Snow
Jaques E Jamais Encore
Kneale C Looks Like A Storm
Patel K Where Did We Go wrong?
Rhys C Mexico City
Scarles M Wild Geese
Seabrook Y Hate It And Love It
Shapiro J Education
Stafford J I Promise
Wharton J Miss You More Than Her
Zayac J Bear

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