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THERE WERE GUARANTEED PRIZES FOR ALL IN 2009: FREE SongCopyright.org SCO Copyright Registration and Certificate (a value of $35) -  FREE Songwriting Course from SongU.com (normal price $39.99)  -  and FREE 6 month Broadjam membership ($25 value)  FOR EVERYONE WHO ENTERED

The Music Aid International Song Contest and Music Awards had the largest prize give-away in any song contest in 2009 and every entrant received the following package of valuable prizes designed to help songwriters, bands and others in their music careers. Every entrant received:

SCO Copyright Registration for each song - value $35

A Songwriting Course from SongU.com - value $40

A six month Broadjam.com membership - value $25

A total of $100 in prizes just for entering


The Music Aid Song Contest and Music Awards is different from every other songwriting contest. In our event it doesn't matter if you win or not because EVERYONE who enters gets exactly the same prizes - a total of $100 for each entrant. But on top of that the winners also receive the prestige of being chosen as the best entry in their category by our producers, the Music Aid Academy and our sponsors and partners.

Below are the results of the 2009 contest. The categories are Best Songwriter, Best Band, Best Female Solo Artist, Best Male Solo Artist, Best Composition and Best Music Video. We have listed the winner and nominees in each category and also provided a list of those artists that were selected for a Special Mention by the judges. We have linked to each of the winners' websites so that you can check them out for yourself.

Best Female Solo Artist

WINNER: Charlotte Kelly   Visit Charlotte's MySpace

NOMINEES: Yanula Hope (USA), Younee (Korea), Alyssa Atherton (USA), Charlotte Kelly (UK), Namgyal Lhamo (Netherlands).

SPECIAL MENTIONS: Pamela G (USA), Shauna Sedola (Canada), Julie Sokolow (USA), CDF-Air (UK), Rhythm Beating Silence (Israel), Orly Vardy (Israel), Ivory (USA), Shay Dillon (USA), Aggieland (Netherlands), Johanna Philio (USA).

Best Male Solo Artist

WINNER:  Khalil Ismail   Visit Website

NOMINEES: Khalil Ismail (USA), Sami Raad (USA), Thomas Howard Lichtenstein (Japan), Marius Dragomir (Romania), Jamie Strange (Australia).

SPECIAL MENTIONS: Jamie Holden (Australia), Danny Hooper (Australia), Eric Proffitt (Canada), Melodic (USA), Klinsmann (Malta), JJ Melody (UK), LHJ (USA), John Beeson (UK), Chris Orchard (Australia), Dimple (Cambodia).

Best Composition

WINNER: Chan Nga Yung - "Nocturne" Visit Website

NOMINEES: Chan Nga Yung - "Nocturne" (Hong Kong), Peter Pearson - "Fragrant Hills" (France), Dave Churchill - "Great Spirit" (USA), Chris Webster and James Miller - "Siren" (USA)

SPECIAL MENTIONS: Barbara Gallagher (USA), Frantz Eddy Daniel Jr (Haiti), David J. C. Watt (Canada), Gennady Sherman (USA), Augusto Chiarle (Italy), Karthik Ramkumar J (India), Shawn Bayern (USA) .

Best Songwriter

WINNERS: Younee and Richard Niles   Listen to the songs

NOMINEES: Chris Orchard (Australia), Younee and Richard Niles (Korea / UK), Jeffrey Powell (UK), Benny Jones (USA), Marie Preston (UK), Jamie Strange (Australia).

SPECIAL MENTIONS: Deborah French and Timothy Busching (USA), Clive Fraser (UK), Anna Tippett (UK), Darrell Bevins and Hugh Newmark (USA), Philip John Hill (UK), Mickey Carroll (USA), Merritt Graves, Jeremy Bassett, Gawain Matthews, Marcus Bennett (USA), John Beeson (UK), Jesse Mitchell (Australia), Luis A. Carmona Jr (USA), Martin Koszolko and Ceri Hale (Australia), Karthik Ramkumar J (India), Melina William Ghani (Malaysia), Michael Woodford (Germany), Danny Hooper (Australia), Johanna Philio (USA), Ben Westwood (Ecuador).

Best Band

WINNER: Skyrocket Love   Visit Website

NOMINEES: Skyrocket Love (USA), Liberadante (Italy), Tempered Mental (Malaysia), Scotch Ale (Italy).

SPECIAL MENTIONS: Orange Hour (USA), Sotano (Switzerland), Starar (UK), Merry-go (UK), Aggieland (Netherlands).

Best Music Video

WINNER: Jamie Strange - "Rockstar Clone"   Watch Video

NOMINEES: Jamie Strange "Rockstar Clone" (New Zealand), Dave Patten "Won't Give Up" (USA), Khalil Ismail "Sometimes" (USA), Sami Raad "Over & Over" (USA), Melodic "Ride On" (USA),

SPECIAL MENTIONS: Mickey Carroll (USA), Scotch Ale (Italy), Julie Sokolow (USA), Golden Boy Fospassin (USA), Annie Carment and Jenelle Hartwig (Australia), Namgyal Lhamo (Netherlands), Aggieland (Netherlands), John Bowden (USA).

NOTE: All the above videos can be seen at youtube.com/musicaidtv - click on Playlists and then on Featured Video Entries.


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